Property of and for the State

The Central Government Real Estate Agency uses property to help achieve the aims of central government. It does so in cooperation with local parties and with a view to their interests.

We are the Dutch Central Government Real Estate Agency.

We are responsible for the largest and most varied property portfolio in the Netherlands. The State’s properties comprise land sites and buildings such as penitentiaries, offices, military barracks, ministries and museums.

Our portfolio includes twelve point six million square metres of floor area in buildings and sixty thousand hectares of land. We make these buildings and sites available to meet national needs. We ensure that suitable accommodations are provided for civil servants members of the armed services, judges and prisoners and we ensure that works of art are properly housed. We also support the Ministry of Defence with building and maintaining military airfields and ports.

Our knowledge of property provides national organisations with inspiring and safe work environments. Maintaining buildings is an important part of our work. We manage, maintain and inspect properties and provide assistance with failures.

If necessary we arrange to purchase or construct new properties or to have existing properties adapted or renovated. We are also responsible for redeveloping and selling buildings and land that the central government no longer needs. We keep architectural and spatial planning issues in mind. The Netherlands’ cultural heritage is in good hands. We allot land for the construction of wind turbines for cultivation and for the operation of petrol stations. All of our activities take into account the three Ps of sustainability: People, Planet and Profit are always at the forefront of our minds.

The Central Government Real Estate Agency is a large contractor of construction and real estate services. We serve as a hub for the central government municipalities and commercial parties. We are seek partnerships with commercial parties and other levels of government always aware of our social responsibilities, such as our commitment to environmental management and opting to suitably redevelop existing properties whenever possible. We are both specialists and generalists and each of us plays a role in the continuing evolution of the real estate industry. We foster the interests of the Dutch central government and thus of Dutch society as a whole.

We are the Dutch Central Government Real Estate Agency.