Current and future priorities

Real estate that meets government’s needs

The Central Government Real Estate Agency makes ready-to-use, safe, cost-effective properties available to central government. We manage a well-balanced property portfolio that satisfies the requirements of today’s users and offers appropriate accommodation to the many and varied constituents of central government. The composition of the portfolio ensures that we can always meet central government’s constantly changing property requirements (in terms of volume and functionality). We do this by acquiring new properties, by selling properties superfluous to requirements, and by maintaining and, where necessary, renovating the properties under our management. Our approach is efficient, effective and cost-aware.


Central Government is downsizing. As a result, its property portfolio is also shrinking. The Central Government Real Estate Agency consults with users so as to decide on the most efficient response to this trend. With government decreasing in size, which properties should it continue to manage? How many buildings and tracts of land will be vacated, and where are they located? Which buildings and sites are eligible for redevelopment?

The Central Government Property Portfolio Strategy describes what happens with all of the State’s properties. The Strategy offers a response to current State real estate issues and establishes the agenda for the future. It serves as our guideline in assembling central government’s property portfolio.

Impact on the market

The Central Government Real Estate Agency is the commercial market’s biggest client. We have an impact on the broader real estate and construction market (management, rental, remodelling, purchase and sale). We encourage the market to work efficiently and to come up with innovations.

We act as the link between central government and the commercial market and bear a huge responsibility as a result. That is why we have joined other commissioning bodies in central government in participating actively in professional and trade networks in the construction industry. We are conscious of our role and act scrupulously in fulfilling it.

Awareness of surroundings

Only the most effective solutions are actually implemented at the Central Government Real Estate Agency. The State’s objectives provide the context for all our decisions, but we also consider the surroundings, including by adhering to the three Ps (people, planet, profit). Money naturally plays an important role in our decision-making about buildings and land, but the interests of society are also an important factor. That is because the Central Government Real Estate Agency wishes to contribute to a sustainable society.

Alienation of property

Properties that are no longer fit for purpose in the State Portfolio Strategy are alienated (i.e. sold off). The Central Government Real Estate Agency can redesignate and/or transform the property if that will attract more buyers. If there are commercial, strategic or policy reasons not to alienate the property (at least for the time being), then we will manage it (temporarily) as part of our portfolio.

Whenever possible and where permitted by law, we try to generate as much revenue as possible with the property that we manage.