Frequently asked questions - online information meetings on the Binnenhof renovation, 17 May 2021

During the online information meetings on 17 May 2021 - on the renovation plans for the Binnenhof - a number of questions were asked via the chat function. Based on the transcripts of these questions, the following list of "Frequently Asked Questions" has been compiled.

The preferred route crosses the reconstructed Plaats. It is now a low-traffic square which has been extended to the Hofvijver. Surely it is highly undesirable to have construction traffic there?

The road structure in the vicinity of the Plaats has been designed to carry a combination of trams, buses and delivery vehicles. Construction traffic does constitute an additional burden but, after consideration, it was found to be preferable to postponing the work until after the renovation. It is a good idea to invest in the public space around the Binnenhof at the same time as renovating the complex. Investing in a new Plaats now is better for the city centre than waiting 6 years and postponing ambitions. We realise that the natural stone carriageway will have a lot to contend with over the coming years.

How will materials be transported to the construction site?

We will be working, where possible, from a central location (a hub) on the edge of the city. There will be 3 logistical routes for supplying and removing materials. They will be the same for the entire project. Preference will be given to the use of electric vehicles. Supply and removal will be based on the Just-in-Time principle. In principle, materials will be transported between 9 a.m. and 4 p.m. during off-peak hours.

Will there also be a bicycle park under the Buitenhof?

A bicycle park under the Buitenhof is not part of the renovation plans for the Binnenhof. However, the municipality is investigating the feasibility of another solution for the Buitenhof bicycle park.

Where will the visitor centre be and what will be presented there? Will historical aspects also be covered?

The visitor centre will be located in the immediate vicinity of the Binnenhof. The location is yet to be decided. The visitor centre will include news and updated information on the renovation, the construction industry over 800 years of the Binnenhof, archaeology and other items of interest.

When will it be possible to visit the Binnenhof again?

From the start of the renovation, hoardings will be erected and the Binnenhof will be closed to the public. The first phase of the renovation will focus on surveying the buildings, removing asbestos and carrying out light demolition work. When it is possible again, we will organise tours of the construction site. We will come back to this as soon as more is known.

Where will the organic (Wednesday) market go? Will it come back after the renovation?

From October 2021 the market will move to another location in the city centre. This location has not yet been finalised. A new permanent location is being sought. The market will not return to the Hofplaats.