Auction of tenancy rights to petrol stations

The Central Government Real Estate Agency is responsible for auctioning the tenancy rights to petrol stations along national highways in the Netherlands. Once a year, in September, the tenancy rights to a number of existing petrol stations are put up for auction.

The Auction schedule for petrol stations along national highways 2017-2023 indicates the relevant locations per year. A civil-law notary will draw lots to determine the order in which the relevant locations are auctioned on auction day. The tenancy agreement will be valid for a maximum of fifteen years.

Parties wishing to participate in the auction may purchase a bidding book providing information on the locations put up for auction. They must apply for admission to the auction using the designated form and pay an entry fee to be admitted to bidding. The tenancy rights will be awarded to the party entering the highest bid.

With the exception of various locations specified in the annex to the Petrol Act, tenancy rights to new locations will only be assigned by auction.