Eurojust in The Hague’s International Zone

The Eurojust building is located in the International Zone in The Hague, where there is already a cluster of international organisations. Various international (judicial) government organisations are located in the Netherlands, including Europol and the International Criminal Court. It is the policy of the Dutch Government to offer such organisations suitable accommodation, an aim that is compatible with The Hague’s efforts to position itself as the International City of Peace and Justice.

Image: Corné Bastiaansen
Eurojust, Johan de Wittlaan 9, Den Haag

Build-Maintain contract

The State and Heijmans Utiliteit BV have concluded a Build-Maintain contract for the Eurojust The Hague Project. In its invitation to tender, the Central Government Real Estate Agency did not prescribe solutions but instead asked commercial bidders to apply their expertise. Various factors were considered, for example building in an urban setting, applying composite materials as facing, and sustainability in use. The Build-Maintain contract has a 15-year term with an option to renew for another five years. Its net cash value is EUR 105 million.


Mecanoo-Haskoning-DS produced the architectural plans for the building. The design features a light façade of composite elements with tilted and angled panes of glass and a sloping landscape garden that harmonises with its green urban environment.

Construction of the 18.550 m2 volume and its surrounding landscape started in 2014. In 2017 Eurojust moved to its new premises on the periphery of the World Forum area of The Hague. October 4th 2017 King Willem-Alexander attended the official opening. The next 15 to 20 years this is the centre from where Eurojust is fighting against terrorism and serious cross-border crime affecting the European Union.


Eurojust is a European Union agency that was founded in 2002 to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of the Union’s national investigation and prosecution authorities in cross-border criminal matters.